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Lasting Drama Gel Liner

After trying in the years previous a Bobbi Brown gel liner that I found hard and unusable I was a little dubious about trying this new product from Maybelline.

It was actually an impulse by from my local Lloyds pharmacy when I was waiting for a dentist appointment and was bought for £7.99 (a fraction of the Bobbi Brown one previously mentioned).  I was looking for a decent eyeliner to replace my expired Benefit Bad Gal one as I’m dancing at the Tower on Saturday and new I wasn’t going to be going remotely near any decent shops to get anything else – so it got bought.

I went out to a family meal last night and thought I would give it a whirl if I could manage a thin enough line with it for casual wear.

Verdict – I love it!! I did take a pic but it wans rubbish so I’ll take a proper one tomorrow when I’m getting ready for Blackpool.  The gel itself isn’t hard in anyway like my other one was its smooth, creamy and glossy and glides on a dream.  The little brush that they provide you with is great, its wider than it is deep with a rounded point so it’s easy to create thin/thick/shaped lines across your lid.

Staying power it appears to have – tomorrow night will be the definative teller after I’ve been twirling round a ballroom for a few hours but last night I managed to avoided liner lines one mu upper lids like I some times get with pencil liners after a while of wearing them.  All in all I’m impressed!!


Well Tuesday night was the grand test of the hairstraightening kit.  I rushed home from work and so happily ran into the shower to get my lovely hair wet!!

After a quick blast with the hairdryer I have to say I was pleasantly impressed!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my hair was poker straight, but it was straight! I just let it finish drying and then gave it a quick neaten with the straighteners, and I mean quick.  Normally to blowdry and straighten my hair your looking at upwards of an hour as my hair is thick and curly, however 5-10 mins drying and 5 mins to smooth with straighteners – HUGE improvement.

If I get chance later I will post pictures to show you, but I may be a convert!


Well tonights the night I can wash my hair after my 3 days avoiding water lol (cue a lot of dry shampoo!!) – I’ll be driving home from work and walking straight through the door and into the shower!!

I’ll post an update of how my hair is after the straightening treatment later.

I thought I’d use this blog to keep track of everything I’m trying to get done, especially craft wise mainly sewing.


I have a pair of standard curtains to make plus linings for my bedroom.  All fabrics and headers are bought I just need to get black thread for my overlocker and get stuck in – fabric is sat in its Simon Boyd bag on the kitchen floor until then.

I have fabric (black with little blue embroidered flowers) and a pattern to make a 50s dress.  The pattern’s cut but that is as far as I have got so far – need to set aside the time to cut the fabric and get pinning and fitting.

I also have approx 3m of a gorgeous pvc/oilcoth fabric in cream with little radley shaped dogs on that I want to make some bags with.

So all in all not enough hours in the day or days in the week to move anything forward – I shall have to get stuck in this weekend to make some progress!

Scott Cornwall’s new salon at home product promises smoother straighter hair at a fraction of the cost of visiting a salon.

You need to wash your hair first with Scott Cornwall’s B4 u Colour shampoo to remove all residue from your hair.

(I have to point out that the whole process took me 4 hours and that was with a helping hand with part one.  So you need plenty of patience)

Step one involves sectioning your damp hair into 4 and covering it in tube A the straightening gel whilst pulling and combing your hair straight and making sure it stays straight (this is where an extra pair of hands comes in handy!!).  When this is done you need to leave this is on for up to 20 mins (please see instructions for different development times).  This then needs rinsing off in warm, not hot, water for 3-6 mins.

Step two involves covering your hair in bottle B the Keratin lotion saving a little for later.  This stays on for 10 mins the again needs to be rinsed off.

Next you have to section your hair again and bit by bit part blowdry your hair and then straighten in. (It should be noted that they recommend only using very good quality straighteners and going over each bit 6-12 times)  This is the time consuming part as I have thick hair.

Step three is making sure all of your hair is covered in bottle C the finishing cream (neutraliser).  Leave this on for 10 mins then rinse off – put the rest of the keratin lotion on, saved from before, leave on for 3 mins then rinse.

Finally its a case of drying your hair and running the straighteners over it – although I have to say my hair didnt need much straightening after drying :-).

Please note you are not allowed to wash your hair or tie it back for 3 days.





The after pic is blasted dry with a hairdryer – as you can see, straight!  I’m pretty impressed!  I suppose only time will tell after I have waited 3 days and washed my hair again, but I will keep you updated.  I have to say I panicked half way through as my hair was hard to brush and was tangled but once I had applied the keratin at the end my hair was silky smooth.

Keep your fingers crossed!!

K xx

Tonight is tonight and tomorrow is a new day.

After reading several online reviews I have decided to try a product Scott Cornwalls Str8 Forward Super Straight. I picked this up in sainsburys today for £9.99 along with his B4 u colour clarifying shampoo for £3.99 which he advises you use first.

Tomorrow at some point I will be putting myself through this lengthy process and will post before and after pics etc.

Wish me luck.

Night all, K xx